Chapter 19.33H


19.33H.010    Mobilehome park overlay zone.

19.33H.010 Mobilehome park overlay zone.

A.    Rezone Review Process. An application for mobilehome park overlay shall be reviewed as a site-specific rezone using the procedures set forth at Sections 41.160.B.2 and 15.16.120(A).

B.    Criteria. In addition to other criteria applicable to rezone applications, an application to rezone property to the mobilehome park (MHP) overlay zone shall meet the following criteria:

1.    The MHP overlay zone may be established only for an existing, lawfully operated mobilehome park.

2.    The mobilehome park must be located within a residential zoning district.

C.    Effect. An approved mobilehome park overlay shall remain in effect, and no use other than mobilehome park shall be permitted, for five years from the date of approval, unless the owner has requested, and the city granted, approval of a longer time period. Such request shall be made in writing to the planning director and shall be approved absent extraordinary circumstances. The zone shall be self-renewing annually for a five-year period unless the owner notifies the park tenants and the city after the third anniversary of the rezone agreement of his/her intent to opt out of the MHP zone a minimum of two years prior to expiration of the remaining effective period of the rezone agreement. Upon expiration of the mobilehome park overlay designation, zoning shall revert to the underlying zoning designation. (Ord. 3078-08 § 4, 2008).