Sec. 7.1. Management.

The management of the public libraries of the City shall be vested in a Library Board of five (5) trustees, who shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the Council.

The Library Board under this charter shall be a continuation of the Board authorized by the preceding charter of the City, but such Board shall now be authorized and governed by the provisions of this charter.

Sec. 7.2. Term — Eligibility.

The term of the initial trustees under this charter shall be the same as those serving on the Library Board upon the adoption of this charter. A new trustee shall be appointed annually to serve for five (5) years. No person serving continually on such board for a period in excess of four (4) years shall be eligible to reappointment to such board until he or she has been off the board for at least one year.

Sec. 7.3. Vacancies.

Any vacancy shall be filled as soon as possible in the same manner as the members are regularly chosen, and in an unexpired term for the remainder of the term only. A trustee may be removed by vote of the Council.

Sec. 7.4. Organization.

The Library Board shall, on or before the first Monday in February of each year, meet and organize by the election of a president, and such other officers as they may deem necessary. They shall make and adopt such bylaws, rules and regulations for their own guidance as they may deem expedient.

Sec. 7.5. Duties and Powers.

(a) The Library Board shall select a library director, who shall possess such qualifications with respect to experience, ability and citizenship as the board may require, and who shall be subject to removal by the Library Board.

(b) The Library Board shall adopt a system of examinations under which all appointments except that of library director shall be made. Under such system the library director shall have power, with consent of the Library Board, to appoint all subordinate employees of the library.

(c) The Library Board shall have power to do all other things necessary for the management and control of the library. (Amended 11-5-96)

Sec. 7.6. Funds.

(a) The City Council shall appropriate each year such funds as it shall deem necessary for the operation, maintenance and improvement of the library and its branches.

(b) All funds received by the Library Board from other sources than taxation shall be deposited with the City Treasurer to the credit of the library fund.

(c) The Library Board shall certify to the Clerk every expenditure made by it, and each expenditure shall be audited and paid in the same manner as other claims against the City.

Sec. 7.7. Report.

The Library Board shall, at the close of each year, make a report to the Council, stating the condition of its trust, with such statistics and information as the board may deem of importance.