Chapter 2.65


2.65.010    Diversity commission created – Purpose.

2.65.030    Membership and appointment.

2.65.040    Duties and responsibilities.

2.65.050    Officers – Staff – Operations.

2.65.010 Diversity commission created – Purpose.

The Federal Way diversity commission is hereby created and established for the city. The purpose of the diversity commission is to engage with underrepresented communities to solicit feedback and information that would help identify opportunities to address issues of diversity, promote diversity programs, and provide guidance to the city council to create a more equitable, accessible, safe, welcoming and inclusive government and community.

(Ord. No. 23-960, § 28, 6-20-23; Ord. No. 92-141, § 1(A), 6-2-92. Code 2001 § 2-87.)

2.65.030 Membership and appointment.

(1) The diversity commission shall consist of up to nine voting members appointed by the city council. Alternate members may be appointed as determined by the city council.

(2) Commission members shall serve without compensation.

(3) Each member shall serve a term of three years. If, for any reason, a vacancy occurs during the term of a diversity commission member, the city council shall appoint a new member to fill the unexpired term of that member.

(4) The city council may remove a diversity commission member at any time if the city council determines that member is not fulfilling his or her responsibilities to the satisfaction of city council.

(5) All persons appointed to serve on the commission shall reside within the corporate limits of the city.

(6) To the extent practicable, appointments shall reflect the range of human differences including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, and national origin.

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2.65.040 Duties and responsibilities.

The responsibilities of the diversity commission include the following:

(1) Provide a forum that will encourage input from the city’s diverse inhabitants to help shape the city’s vision.

(2) Conduct outreach to the community in an effort to place the issue of diversity before our citizens in a positive and unifying manner.

(3) Identify obstacles that may impede access to city government for the community’s diverse members.

(4) Prepare and present an annual report to the city council on its work and the state of diversity matters in the city.

(5) Formulate a yearly work plan for presentation to and approval by the city council.

(Ord. No. 23-960, § 31, 6-20-23; Ord. No. 12-723, § 1, 4-3-12; Ord. No. 94-216, § 2, 7-19-94; Ord. No. 92-141, § 1(C), 6-2-92. Code 2001 § 2-90.)

2.65.050 Officers – Staff – Operations.

(1) The diversity commission shall elect its officers, including a chair and vice chair and such other officers from among its voting members. Such officers shall occupy their respective offices for a period of one year. The commission shall forward a list of its elected officers to the city clerk within 30 days of election.

(2) The mayor shall appoint appropriate staff to assist the commission in preparing reports and records and performing other functions as may be necessary for the proper operation of the commission.

(3) The commission shall operate in accordance with its duly adopted bylaws. The commission shall provide the city clerk with a copy of current bylaws which shall be maintained as part of the city’s official public records, and shall provide an updated copy to the clerk whenever amendments are approved.

(4) The commission shall meet at least once per quarter. All meetings shall be open public meetings, and the commission shall keep a written record of its proceedings which shall be a public record, all in accordance with state law.

(5) Civility and decorum shall be observed by commission members and attendees and shall be enforced by the chair.

(6) A majority of appointed voting members shall constitute a quorum, except when alternate members may be counted towards a quorum as provided in subsection (7) of this section, and the votes of a majority of present voting members or alternates serving for quorum purposes is sufficient to approve any action of the commission.

(7) Alternate commissioners shall have the right to participate in the debate and the deliberations of the commission on the regular business of the commission. Alternate commissioners shall not be part of the commission quorum and shall not move action or vote on matters coming before the commission, except in the event where a meeting is scheduled and no quorum is otherwise present, an alternate member may contribute to the establishment of a quorum such that the meeting may commence and proceed. If more than one alternate is present, after the meeting is commenced or called to order, the chair shall specify which of the alternate members is contributing to the quorum and may participate as a voting member for the purposes and duration of that meeting only, which shall be noted in the written record of the meeting.

(Ord. No. 23-960, § 32, 6-20-23; Ord. No. 10-669, § 17, 9-21-10; Ord. No. 92-141, § 1(F), 6-2-92. Code 2001 § 2-91.)