Title 8


8.05    Traffic and Vehicles in General

8.10    Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Plan

8.15    Impoundment for No License

8.20    Motorized Foot Scooters

8.25    Bicycles

8.30    Speed Limits

8.35    Cruising

8.40    Street Use Restriction

8.43    Weight and Load Regulations

8.45    Equipment

8.50    Parking Generally

8.55    Fire Lanes

8.60    Snow Alerts and Vehicle Removal from City Streets


Cross references: Ordinances prescribing through streets, parking and traffic regulations, speed limits, one-way traffic streets and other limitations on vehicles are not codified in this Code but are on file in the city clerk’s office, FWRC 1.05.090(8); riding vehicles or animals in parks and recreation areas restricted, FWRC 4.05.340; throwing objects at moving vehicles prohibited, FWRC 6.75.050; taxicabs, Chapter 12.45 FWRC; regulations and requirements for moving buildings in the city, Chapter 13.45 FWRC; off-street parking, traffic control devices and supplementary district regulations regarding vehicles and boats, Chapter 19.130 FWRC; vehicular access easement improvements and sight distance requirements at intersections, Chapter 19.135 FWRC; temporary buildings or trailers for construction and real estate sales offices restricted, FWRC 19.275.110.

State law references: Motor vehicles, state law applicable, RCW 35A.46.010; traffic and motor vehicles, RCW 46.01.010 et seq.