Chapter 14.20


14.20.010    Rules.

14.20.020    Preparation.

14.20.030    Other considerations.

14.20.040    Commenting.

14.20.010 Rules.

The city adopts by reference the following sections of Chapter 197-11 WAC, as now existing or amended:


197-11-400    Purpose of environmental impact statement.

197-11-402    General requirements.

197-11-405    Environmental impact statement types.

197-11-406    Environmental impact statement timing.

197-11-408    Scoping.

197-11-410    Expanded scoping.

197-11-420    Environmental impact statement preparation.

197-11-425    Style and size.

197-11-430    Format.

197-11-435    Cover letter or memo.

197-11-440    Environmental impact statement contents.

197-11-442    Contents of environmental impact statement on nonproject proposals.

197-11-443    Environmental impact statement contents when prior nonproject environmental impact statement.

197-11-444    Elements of the environment.

197-11-448    Relationship of environmental impact statement to other considerations.

197-11-450    Cost-benefit analysis.

197-11-455    Issuance of determination of environmental impact statement.

197-11-460    Issuance of final environmental impact statement.

(Ord. No. 04-468, § 3, 11-16-04; Ord. No. 90-40, § 1(20.140), 2-27-90. Code 2001 § 18-96.)

14.20.020 Preparation.

(1) Preparation of environmental impact statements, supplemental environmental impact statements, and other environmental documentation shall be under the direction of the responsible official. The documents may be prepared by the city staff, or by a consultant approved and directed by the city, but will be paid for by the applicant. A consultant preparing or subconsultant participating in the preparation of an environmental impact statement may not subsequently work for the proponent of the proposed project. The responsible official shall notify the applicant of the city’s procedure for environmental impact statement preparation, including review, approval and distribution of the draft and final environmental impact statement.

(2) The city may require an applicant to provide information the city does not possess, including specific investigations relating to elements of the environment. The applicant is not required to supply information not required under this title, or that is requested from another agency, provided this does not apply to information requested under another statute or ordinance.

(3) Before the city issues a preliminary or final environmental impact statement, the responsible official shall be satisfied that it complies with this title and Chapter 197-11 WAC.

(Ord. No. 04-468, § 3, 11-16-04; Ord. No. 90-40, § 1(20.150.10 – 20.150.30), 2-27-90. Code 2001 § 18-97.)

14.20.030 Other considerations.

As defined in WAC 197-11-448, the following information may be part of the existing environment for purposes of content, but will not be considered as elements of the environment requiring discussion in the environmental impact statement or as criteria for threshold determinations:

(1) Finance and economics.

(2) Social policy.

(3) Cost-benefit analysis.

(4) Nonconstruction aspects of education and communications.

(Ord. No. 04-468, § 3, 11-16-04; Ord. No. 90-40, § 1(20.160), 2-27-90. Code 2001 § 18-98.)

14.20.040 Commenting.

The city adopts the following sections of Chapter 197-11 WAC as now existing or amended by reference:


197-11-500    Purpose of this part.

197-11-502    Inviting comment.

197-11-504    Availability and cost of environmental documents.

197-11-508    State Environmental Policy Act register.

197-11-535    Public hearings and meetings.

197-11-545    Effect of no comment.

197-11-550    Specificity of comments.

197-11-560    Final environmental impact statement response to comments.

197-11-570    Consulted agency costs to assist lead agency.

(Ord. No. 04-468, § 3, 11-16-04; Ord. No. 90-40, § 1(20.170), 2-27-90. Code 2001 § 18-99.)