Title 18


18.05    Subdivisions in General

18.10    Boundary Line Adjustments

18.15    Lot Line Eliminations

18.20    Binding Site Plans

18.25    Zero Lot Line, Small Lot, and Cottage Development

18.30    Short Subdivision Plats

18.35    Preliminary Plat

18.40    Final Plat

18.45    Alterations of Plats

18.50    Vacation of Subdivisions

18.55    Design Criteria

18.60    Subdivision Improvements

18.65    Public Improvement Assessments


Cross references: Ordinances dedicating or accepting any plat or subdivision in the city are not codified in this Code but are on file in the city clerk’s office, FWRC 1.05.090(12); a right-of-way access permit will not be issued for an illegal subdivision, FWRC 4.25.080; authority to adopt rules and regulations regarding procedures to assure building regulations are reviewed as part of the plat process, FWRC 13.10.020; requirements for drainage review, Chapter 16.25 FWRC; public use easements, FWRC 19.05.330; building site requirements, FWRC 19.105.010; mitigation of development impact, Chapter 19.100 FWRC; calculating lot coverage requirements in the district regulations, FWRC 19.110.020; land modification restrictions and requirements, Chapter 19.120 FWRC; site distance requirements at intersections, FWRC 19.135.300 et seq.; flood damage prevention, Chapter 19.142 FWRC; administration of the provisions regarding environmentally critical areas, Chapter 19.145 FWRC, Article I.

State law references: Subdivisions, RCW 58.17.010 et seq.; binding site plan, RCW 58.17.035.