Chapter 19.265


19.265.010    Accessory uses, buildings, and structures.

19.265.010 Accessory uses, buildings, and structures.

(1) Generally. As limited by this section, accessory uses, buildings, and structures normally associated with a permitted use, building, or structure are permitted as part of that use, building, or structure. Accessory uses, buildings, or structures must be clearly secondary to the permitted principal uses, buildings, or structures.

(2) Authority of director. The director of community development services is authorized to determine if a particular accessory use, building, or structure is normally associated with, clearly secondary to, and actually accessory to the particular permitted principal use, building, or structure.

(3) Accessory building height and square footage limits. The height of accessory buildings and structures may not be taller than the primary building or structure regardless of the building height allowed by the zone, except in the case of ADUs which may be taller than the primary building or structure. The total gross square footage of the accessory building must also be less than the total gross square footage of the principal building on the subject property, except in the case of ADUs which may be equal in gross square footage to the principal building.

(4) Exceptions and limitations. Where more specific limitations and regulations apply under this title to particular accessory uses or structures, those limitations and regulations supersede the general statements in subsection (1) of this section.

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