Chapter 8.16


8.16.010    RCW sections adopted by reference.

8.16.020    WAC rules and regulations adopted by reference.

8.16.030    Copies on file.

8.16.010 RCW sections adopted by reference.

The following sections of the Washington State Model Litter Control Act, Chapter 70.93 RCW, are adopted by reference:

A.    RCW 70.93.030, Definitions.

B.    RCW 70.93.060, Littering prohibited – Penalties.

C.    RCW 70.93.090, Litter receptacles – Use of anti-litter symbol distribution – Placement – Violations – Penalties.

D.    RCW 70.93.110, Removal of litter – Responsibility.

E.    RCW 70.93.230, Violations – Penalties. (Ord. 495 § 1, 1974)

8.16.020 WAC rules and regulations adopted by reference.

The following rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the Washington State Department of Ecology in the Washington Administrative Code are adopted by reference:

A.    WAC 173-310-010, Definitions.

B.    WAC 173-310-020, Responsibility to procure and place litter receptacle.

C.    WAC 173-310-040, Litter receptacle, where required.

D.    WAC 173-310-050, Number of litter receptacles required.

E.    WAC 173-310-060, Minimum standards.

F.    WAC 173-310-070, Anti-litter symbol. (Ord. 495 § 2, 1974)

8.16.030 Copies on file.

Three sets of the statutes and regulations adopted in this chapter are on file in the office of the City Clerk, and are open for public inspection. (Ord. 495 § 3, 1974)