Chapter 12.12


12.12.010    Utility service cuts in street rights-of-way.

12.12.030    Repealed.

12.12.040    Repealed.

12.12.010 Utility service cuts in street rights-of-way.

The following standards, definitions and requirements shall apply to all utility service cuts in street rights-of-way:

A.    Definitions. “Permanent pavements” are defined as all portland cement concrete, asphalt concrete, and portland cement concrete with asphalt overlay streets. “Arterial streets” are those designated by the City.

B.    Permits. All work in street rights-of-way by private contractors will be done under a revocable encroachment permit issued by the City.

C.    Notification. All contractors will notify the City 48 hours in advance of start of actual construction within the street right-of-way, or one-call system notice.

D.    Tunneling. Permanent pavement will be bored, jacked or tunneled wherever possible unless specific permission is granted in writing for a cut.

E.    Repealed by Ord. 1885.

F.    Repealed by Ord. 1885.

G.    Trench Left Open. Trench excavation on arterials and commercial streets will not be left open overnight. Trench excavations on residential streets may be left open for a maximum of 48 hours if properly barricaded and protected, lighted barricades must be used.

H.    Temporary Pavement Repairs. Temporary pavement repair shall be hard surfacing hot or cold mix or steel plates placed over properly placed backfill material. Arterial and commercial streets will have temporary pavement repairs made at the close of each work day. Residential streets will have temporary pavement repairs completed at the close of each work day unless otherwise permitted under subsection (G) of this section.

I.    Permanent Pavement Repairs. Permanent pavement repairs, as shown in American Public Works Association Standard Plan No. 18, shall be completed within 14 days of the start of excavation. Inspection will be required prior to placement of the P.C.C. spanning stab or prior to placement of the class “B” paving in cases when the P.C.C. spanning stab is not required. The marginal lines of all patches in permanent pavement will be trued with the use of a concrete saw or asphalt spade. When a patch will extend to within three feet of an expansion or construction joint said patch must be extended to the joint and finished so as to preserve the purpose of the joint.

J.    Maintenance Responsibility. The contractor shall be responsible for the adequacy of the permanent pavement repairs. (Ord. 1885 § 1, 2015; Ord. 636 § 2, 1981. Formerly 12.12.020)

12.12.030 Sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

Repealed by Ord. 1885. (Ord. 636 § 3, 1981)

12.12.040 Responsibilities of commercial developers.

Repealed by Ord. 1885. (Ord. 485 § 1, 1973)