Chapter 13.16


13.16.010    Generally.

13.16.020    Standard specifications.

13.16.030    Plans and specifications.

13.16.040    Design standards.

13.16.050    Rights-of-way and monuments.

13.16.010 Generally.

All extensions to the water system must conform to the design standards of the City. The system must be capable of future expansion in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan of the City. The items set forth in this chapter are necessary to meet such conditions. (Ord. 566, 1978)

13.16.020 Standard specifications.

Standard specifications for the agreement set forth in Chapter 13.12 FMC are contained in Standard Specifications for Municipal Public Works Construction, 1977 Edition, prepared by the Washington State Chapter of the American Public Works Association. The owner’s attention is called to the fact that the Standard Specifications contain general conditions as well as construction details. The responsibility for supplying himself with these Standard Specifications shall rest with the owner. (Ord. 566, 1978)

13.16.030 Plans and specifications.

The installation of water extensions shall be made in accordance with these conditions and standards. The scale shall be one inch equals 50 feet or on 24-inch-by-36-inch mylar. The plans shall be sealed by a licensed professional engineer. The construction plans shall be reviewed or prepared by the City Engineer. (Ord. 566, 1978)

13.16.040 Design standards.

A.    Water Pipe. Water pipe shall be Ductile Iron Pipe, class 50 with cement lining. ANSI-A21.51 (AWWA C151-76).

B.    Joints. Joints shall be mechanical joint (AWWA’s C111-72) ANSI A21.11 Tyton.

C.    Fittings. ANSI A21.10a-72 – AWWA C110a-72.

D.    Fire Hydrants. AWWA C502-73. Each hydrant shall have a five-and-one-fourth-inch (main) M.V.O. valve openings, two two-and-one-half-inch National American Standard Threads, and one four-and-one-half-inch N.S.T. pumper connection. Fire hydrants shall be IOWA F5110 or approved equal.

E.    Gate Valves. AWWA-C500-71.

F.    Water Meters. Meters shall conform to AWWA standards. American Singer or approved equal meters shall have oil-filled registers or other approved fogproof dial.

G.    Corporation Stops. AWWA-C800. Corporation stops shall be brass, complete with coupling nut for flared copper service tubes, Type K equal to Mueller H-15000, where corporation is tapped directly into main (ASA B2.1-1960) AWWA standard thread. I.P.S. thread where inserted in a service clamp.

H.    Service Clamps. Pipe saddles shall be brass tapped I.P.S., Smith-Blair or approved equal. Two straps shall be required for all taps above one inch.

I.    Meter Setters. Meter setters shall be flared copper tube inlet, I.P.S. outlet. Curbstop shall have lockable wing stop equal to Mueller H-14008.

J.    Concrete Meter Box. Concrete meter box shall be complete with concrete lid and cast iron inspection cover, Fog tite No. 1 Meter Box or approved equal.

K.    Copper Service Pipe. Copper service pipe shall be Type K, soft annealed copper service tube.

L.    Marker. A two-inch-by-four-inch marker painted white with two-inch black letters, “Water,” shall be placed at the end of each service. The two-inch-by-four-inch marker shall be three feet long, two feet underground and one foot above.

M.    Fire Hydrants. Fire hydrants shall cover a 250-foot radius. Minimum line sizes shall be eight-inch diameter on dead end lines and six-inch diameter on looped systems. (Ord. 566, 1978)

13.16.050 Rights-of-way and monuments.

All rights-of-way in which the water extension is to be made shall be improved prior to preparation of construction plans and installation of the water mains. Permanent private easements shall be not less than 10 feet in width. Public rights-of-way shall be cleared, grubbed and graded in accordance with the requirements of the county. Monuments disturbed or destroyed shall be replaced at the owner’s expense. (Ord. 566, 1978)