Chapter 17.16


17.16.005    Purpose.

17.16.010    Preapplication meeting required.

17.16.020    Required information.

17.16.030    Review and recommendations.

17.16.005 Purpose.

The relative complexity inherent to the regular subdivision process, including the combined reviews of City staff, the Ferndale Hearings Examiner, and Ferndale City Council, makes it necessary for the applicant to meet with responsible City officials prior to submitting a formal application, in order to identify process requirements and potential project-specific issues that should be identified in the formal development application. (Ord. 1734 § 1, 2012)

17.16.010 Preapplication meeting required.

When any person contemplates the subdivision of a parcel of land, he shall prepare a preapplication sketch plan of his proposed development and present the same at a formal preapplication meeting pursuant to FMC 14.07.040. At the meeting the subdivider or his agent shall confer with the Technical Review Committee regarding procedures and general information having a direct influence on the proposed development. (Ord. 1734 § 1, 2012; Ord. 1399 § 2, 2006)

17.16.020 Required information.

The following information shall be supplied by the subdivider in order to determine if the proposed plat meets the zoning and Comprehensive Plan and general design policies of the City:

A.    Plan to a legible scale showing proposed layout of streets, utilities, lots and public dedications such as parks;

B.    Map to a legible scale showing the land use and circulation patterns at least 1,000 feet from all exterior boundaries of the parcel;

C.    Map showing the topography of the parcel and general area;

D.    SEPA checklist (when applicable);

E.    Copies of the above documents, of a size and in an amount determined by the Subdivision Administrator. (Ord. 1734 § 1, 2012; Ord. 1399 § 2, 2006)

17.16.030 Review and recommendations.

A.    Preapplication shall be reviewed by the Technical Review Committee for specific requirements which will be applied to the preliminary plat.

B.    The Technical Review Committee will review the preapplication for compliance with the zoning ordinance, Comprehensive Plan and design policies of the City. The Technical Review Committee will make recommendations to the subdivider and staff regarding requirements to be placed on the preliminary plat and design features which shall be included.

C.    The Technical Review Committee shall conduct a transportation concurrency review of the application pursuant to Chapter 15.40 FMC, and shall indicate compliance with concurrency requirements in a formal response letter. (Ord. 1734 § 1, 2012; Ord. 1399 § 2, 2006)