Chapter 9.15


9.15.010  Carrying of firearms – Exemption.

9.15.020  Permission to discharge firearms, paintball guns, etc., pursuant to exemptions found within FMC 9.05.250(7).

9.15.010 Carrying of firearms – Exemption.

Pursuant to Section 405(6) of Engrossed Second Substitute Bill 2319, enacted in the 1994 First Special Session of the Washington State Legislature and subsequently approved by the Washington State Governor, the city of Forks exempts itself from the provisions of Section 405(4) of said bill. (Ord. 377, 1994)

9.15.020 Permission to discharge firearms, paintball guns, etc., pursuant to exemptions found within FMC 9.05.250(7).

(1) The chief of police may issue a permit to allow the limited discharge of firearms for events or activities within the city of Forks upon application of an individual 21 years or older who is responsible for the organization or promotion of such event or activity. Examples of such events requiring such permission would be paintball field activities, firearm demonstrations, and military re-enactments.

(2) The chief of police may only issue a permit, in a form and manner determined by the chief with the approval of the mayor, when it has been established to the chief that in their judgment adequate safety measures have been or will be taken to ensure that the discharge of firearms during the event or activity will not pose a significant risk to the health and safety of residents of the city, or the participants, or spectators, if permitted, to the event. The chief shall have the authority to impose conditions upon the operation, conditions, safety precautions, and/or gear to be utilized in granting a permit.

(3) No permit shall be issued unless the application specifically states where the discharge, firing or use of the gun(s) or device(s) is to take place and during what period of time. If the activity or event is to take place on property owned by someone other than the applicant, the application for a permit must have a notarized letter from the property owner explaining that:

(a) They are familiar with the proposed activity;

(b) They have agreed to give their permission to the applicant for the applicant’s use of the owner’s property; and

(c) They will not hold the city, its officers, heirs and assigns liable for the granting of a permit to the applicant for the event on the owner’s property.

(4) Permit duration shall be for one event with a period of time not more than three consecutive days. A copy of the permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the property associated with the event. Failure to comply with the safety requirements established by the chief of police shall be grounds for immediate revocation of the permit by the chief of police or his designee.

(5) Any denial of a permit may be appealed to the city council or the mayor if the event is to occur and the convening of the council is not possible. The appeal shall be made by the applicant in writing explaining the basis for the appeal and the specific factors in the denial of the permit by the chief of police that the applicant wants reconsidered. All decisions by the council, or the mayor when applicable, shall be final.

(6) Authorized Paintball Business. The chief of police shall utilize the same review process for a business wanting to establish itself as a paintball business activity within the city of Forks; provided, that the permit shall be for one year and be subject to an annual review. Initial review of an application for authorization shall be done by the chief of police in conjunction with the planning department. Costs for the initial application shall be $150.00, with an annual review and renewal cost of $50.00. (Ord. 516 § 2, 2004)