Chapter 8.12


8.12.010    General.

8.12.020    Authority to conduct inspections.

8.12.030    Applicability.

8.12.040    Procedure.

8.12.050    Fees.

8.12.010 General.

The provisions of this chapter establish a process for annual voluntary fire, health and life safety inspections in the town of Friday Harbor for all commercial, industrial and multifamily uses. (Ord. 1556 § 1, 2015; Ord. 1497 § 1, 2012)

8.12.020 Authority to conduct inspections.

The inspection process is voluntary in nature and the property owner or occupant may decline the offer of the inspection. If the town’s fire and life safety official has reasonable cause to believe there exist any conditions or code violations which make the building or premises unsafe, dangerous or hazardous, the town has the authority to obtain an inspection warrant or other lawful remedy to secure entry per International Fire Code (IFC), Section 104. (Ord. 1556 § 2, 2015; Ord. 1497 § 1, 2012)

8.12.030 Applicability.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all commercial businesses and all multifamily buildings with greater than two dwelling units, with the exception of home occupations. (Ord. 1497 § 1, 2012)

8.12.040 Procedure.

A. The town’s fire and life safety inspector should offer to inspect all appropriate buildings at least once each year. The inspector shall attempt to contact each property owner to schedule the inspection time, and shall make an effort to conduct the inspection during regular business hours unless otherwise requested by the owner or lessee.

B. In the event that violations of any fire, health, or safety code are detected during an inspection, or if other life safety hazards are noted, a follow-up inspection shall be conducted in seven days so as to provide the owner/occupant the opportunity to correct any noted violations; provided, however, if a serious fire, health or life safety hazard is detected then the inspector may conduct a re-inspection within 24 hours, depending on the severity of the violation. The inspector retains the authority reserved elsewhere in the Friday Harbor Municipal Code to close a building in the event of life threatening violations. (Ord. 1556 § 3, 2015; Ord. 1497 § 1, 2012)

8.12.050 Fees.

The initial two inspections and annual re-inspections will be conducted at no charge to the owner/occupant by the town. When the need for a mandatory correction is detected, additional inspections will be necessary until compliance is achieved, and these inspections shall be charged at the hourly rate for the employees involved with these inspections. (Ord. 1556 § 4, 2015; Ord. 1497 § 1, 2012)