Chapter 15.16


15.16.010    WAC sections adopted by reference.

15.16.020    Installation permit – Required.

15.16.030    Installation permit – Application.

15.16.040    Installation permit – Duration.

15.16.050    Installation requirements.

15.16.060    Nonresidential use.

15.16.070    Temporary use – Permit required.

15.16.080    Temporary use permit – Application.

15.16.090    Temporary use – Permit duration.

15.16.100    Temporary use – Recreational vehicle.

15.16.110    Fees.

15.16.120    Violation and enforcement.

15.16.010 WAC sections adopted by reference.

The following WAC sections, as amended from time to time, are hereby adopted and incorporated by reference herein:































(Ord. 1070 § 1, 1998)

15.16.020 Installation permit – Required.

Except as provided in FHMC 15.16.070, the owner or the installer of any mobile home or commercial coach must obtain an installation permit from the town building department before installing same. (Ord. 1070 § 2, 1998)

15.16.030 Installation permit – Application.

A dealer may not deliver a mobile home or commercial coach until the owner or installer has obtained an installation permit for the mobile home or commercial coach. An application form for an installation permit shall be obtained from the building department. A complete application shall include all the information required on the form, including:

A. The real property tax parcel number for the property upon which the mobile home will be located; and

B. The permit fee prescribed by FHMC 15.16.110. (Ord. 1070 § 3, 1998)

15.16.040 Installation permit – Duration.

Installation permits, issued by the building official, under the provisions of this chapter, shall expire if the installation authorized by such permit is not commenced within 180 days from the date of such permit, or if the installation authorized by such permit is suspended or abandoned at any time after the installation is commenced for a period of 180 days. Before a suspended or abandoned installation can proceed, a new permit shall be obtained and the fee shall be one-half the amount required for a new permit; provided, no changes have been made or will be made in the original installation plans and specifications; and provided further, that such suspension or abandonment has not exceeded one year.

Any permittee holding an unexpired permit may apply for an extension of the time within which he may commence installation under that permit when he is unable to commence installation within the time required by this section. A renewed permit requires completion of all provisions of this code within 180 days. (Ord. 1070 § 4, 1998)

15.16.050 Installation requirements.

Any mobile home or commercial coach installed pursuant to FHMC 15.16.020 shall be installed in accordance with the provisions of FHMC 15.16.010. (Ord. 1070 § 5, 1998)

15.16.060 Nonresidential use.

A. A commercial coach may be used only for the following purposes:

1. Group E occupancies for educational uses only; and

2. Group B occupancies for office use only.

B. Other than as provided in FHMC 15.16.100, recreational vehicles shall not be used for nonresidential purposes. (Ord. 1070 § 6, 1998)

15.16.070 Temporary use – Permit required.

Any temporary use of a mobile home or commercial coach must be authorized by a temporary use permit from the town administrator prior to said use. (Ord. 1070 § 7, 1998)

15.16.080 Temporary use permit – Application.

A complete application, pursuant to FHMC 15.16.070, shall include all the information required on the form, including:

A. The nature and duration of the proposed use;

B. The real property tax parcel number for the property upon which the mobile home or commercial coach will be located; and

C. The permit fee prescribed by FHMC 15.16.110. (Ord. 1070 § 8, 1998)

15.16.090 Temporary use – Permit duration.

A temporary use permit may be issued by the administrator for a period not to exceed 18 months. Prior to the time the temporary permit expires, the mobile home or commercial coach and all other appurtenances shall be removed from the property. (Ord. 1070 § 9, 1998)

15.16.100 Temporary use – Recreational vehicle.

Recreational vehicles may be used as job site temporary offices and equipment sheds only on jobs with an active building permit. Any other use of a recreational vehicle in town limits is subject to this chapter in its entirety. (Ord. 1070 § 10, 1998)

15.16.110 Fees.

The nonrefundable fee for all permits governed by this chapter shall be reviewed annually by the town council who shall direct the town clerk to adjust the fee appropriately and post such list of permit application fees in a conspicuous place within Town Hall and make such list available to the public upon request. (Ord. 1070 § 11, 1998)

15.16.120 Violation and enforcement.

A violation of this chapter is both a public nuisance and Class 1 civil infraction subject to the process and provisions of Chapter 1.18 FHMC. Each day a violation exists may be treated as a separate violation. (Ord. 1532 § 14, 2014; Ord. 1070 § 12, 1998)


Prior legislation: Ord. 343.