Chapter 15.20


15.20.010    Permit requirement.

15.20.020    Approvals for permit.

15.20.030    Permit conditions.

15.20.040    Fee for permit.

15.20.050    Violation and enforcement.

15.20.010 Permit requirement.

No person, firm, or corporation shall move, remove, transport, or locate any building or structure within or through the town without first obtaining a separate moving permit for each such building or structure, or part thereof, from the town administrator; provided, however, that buildings or structures which are less than 14 feet in height and less than 14 feet in width shall be exempt. (Ord. 1071 § 1, 1998)

15.20.020 Approvals for permit.

No permit shall be issued until such time as the applicant has provided the town administrator with written confirmation that the following agencies have been notified and have responded to the proposed move:

A. Emergency service providers;

B. Other government agencies where required; and

C. All franchised utilities with aboveground facilities affected by the proposed route. (Ord. 1071 § 2, 1998)

15.20.030 Permit conditions.

No permit shall be issued until such time as the applicant has agreed, in writing, to abide by such reasonable conditions, if any, as may be set by the town administrator in the granting of approval. Such conditions must reasonably relate to the mitigation of public safety or welfare concerns identified by the agencies referenced in FHMC 15.20.020; provided, however, the town reserves the right to impose additional reasonable conditions to mitigate public safety and welfare impacts, including, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

A. To limit the move to designated hours;

B. To determine the route which the move shall take;

C. To determine whether or not the move shall require the direct supervision of the county sheriff’s department;

D. To require the posting of signs or personnel at designated points along the proposed move route;

E. To require that advance notice of the move be given to the public, either through the posting of signs or the publication of notice in a local newspaper, or both;

F. To require the posting of a bond to protect the town against claims for property damage or personal injury by persons damaged or injured as a result of the move; and

G. To require the applicant to sign a hold harmless and indemnification agreement in favor of the town.

Any expenses incurred for any of the above services shall be the responsibility of the applicant, in addition to the permit fee. (Ord. 1071 § 3, 1998)

15.20.040 Fee for permit.

The nonrefundable fee for all permits governed by this chapter shall be reviewed annually by the town council who shall direct the town clerk to adjust the fee appropriately and post such list of permit application fees in a conspicuous place within Town Hall and make such list available to the public upon request. (Ord. 1071 § 4, 1998)

15.20.050 Violation and enforcement.

A violation of this chapter is both a public nuisance and Class 2 civil infraction subject to the process and provisions of Chapter 1.18 FHMC. Each day a violation exists may be treated as a separate violation. (Ord. 1532 § 15, 2014; Ord. 1071 § 5, 1998)