Chapter 17.16


17.16.010    Creation of zones.

17.16.020    Zoning district boundaries.

17.16.030    Repealed.

17.16.040    Town perimeter zones.

17.16.010 Creation of zones.

To implement the purposes of this title, the town is divided into zones as set forth on the zoning designation map. The zoning designation map can only be modified through the comprehensive plan amendment process. (Ord. 1172 § 14, 2001)

17.16.020 Zoning district boundaries.

Where uncertainty exists as to the boundaries of zoning districts shown on the zoning designation map, the following rules shall apply:

A. Boundaries indicated as approximately following the centerlines of streets shall be construed to follow such centerlines.

B. Boundaries indicated as approximately following platted lot lines shall be construed as following such lot lines.

C. Boundaries indicated as approximately following town limits shall be construed as following town limits.

D. Boundaries indicated as approximately following shorelines shall be construed to follow such shorelines, and in the event of change in the shoreline shall be construed as moving with the actual shoreline.

E. Any tidelands or shorelands adjacent to the town shall be considered to be within the same zoning district as the adjacent land area as shown on the zoning designation map unless otherwise designated.

F. Boundaries indicated as parallel to or extensions of features indicated in subsections A through D of this section shall be so construed.

G. Where physical or other features existing on the ground are at variance with those shown on the zoning designation map, or in other circumstances not covered by subsections A through F of this section, the town council, on appeal of any interested person, shall determine and establish the zoning district boundary. (Ord. 1172 § 15, 2001)

17.16.030 Residential rezone.

Repealed by Ord. 1257. (Ord. 1172 § 16, 2001)

17.16.040 Town perimeter zones.

In the absence of formal zoning outside the corporate boundary, land adjacent to the town limits shall be managed in accordance with Chapter 17.76 FHMC. (Ord. 1172 § 17, 2001)