Chapter 17.28


17.28.010    Purpose.

17.28.020    Permitted uses.

17.28.030    Conditional uses.

17.28.040    Lot coverage.

17.28.050    Yards.

17.28.060    Access requirements.

17.28.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the professional service zone is to provide for administrative and office facilities for the accommodation of professional services and other such uses as may be compatible. The designation is intended to provide a transition zone between commercial use and residential use. (Ord. 1172 § 32, 2001)

17.28.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted uses in a professional service zone shall be as follows:

A. Ancillary residential uses on other than ground floor street front areas. Ancillary residential uses are allowed on ground floor away from street front or pedestrian levels if area is less than 50 percent total square footage of business area;

B. Accessory uses and buildings normally incidental to the above permitted residential uses;

C. Home occupations;

D. Bed and breakfast businesses;

E. Professional services;

F. Governmental services;

G. Community or public park and recreation facilities; and

H. Cultural, religious, or health care facilities. (Ord. 1372 § 9, 2008; Ord. 1172 § 33, 2001)

17.28.030 Conditional uses.

Conditional uses in a professional service zone shall be as follows:

A. Public and private utility structures. (Ord. 1172 § 34, 2001)

17.28.040 Lot coverage.

The maximum lot area covered by structures in a professional service zone shall not exceed 40 percent. (Ord. 1172 § 35, 2001)

17.28.050 Yards.

A. Yard requirements in a professional service zone shall be as follows: Front, rear and side yards shall not total less than 20 feet.

B. Exterior walls of buildings shall be constructed in accordance with the fire resistive requirements of the most recently adopted edition of the Uniform Building Code. (Ord. 1172 § 36, 2001)

17.28.060 Access requirements.

Access requirements for the professional service zone shall be as defined in the street and storm drainage standards as defined in Chapter 12.02 FHMC. Those properties abutting Guard Street between Culver Avenue and Tucker Avenue shall take their access from Jensen Alley. (Ord. 1172 § 37, 2001)