Chapter 17.48


17.48.010    Purpose.

17.48.020    Permitted uses.

17.48.030    Conditional uses.

17.48.040    Lot coverage.

17.48.050    Yards.

17.48.060    Access requirements.

17.48.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the light manufacturing zone is to provide for research and development, light manufacturing and related commercial activities. (Ord. 1172 § 61, 2001)

17.48.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted uses in a light manufacturing zone shall be as follows:

A. Ancillary single-family residential uses;

B. Retail and wholesale sales of products not requiring outdoor storage;

C. Light manufacturing conducted indoors;

D. Professional services;

E. Technical services;

F. Governmental services;

G. Assembly, warehousing, and distribution operations not requiring outdoor storage;

H. General repair services conducted indoors;

I. Administrative and research and development facilities for high technology and science related activities; and

J. Self-storage rental units. (Ord. 1172 § 62, 2001)

17.48.030 Conditional uses.

Conditional uses in a light manufacturing zone shall be as follows:

A. Public and private utility structures. (Ord. 1172 § 63, 2001)

17.48.040 Lot coverage.

The maximum lot area covered by structures in a light manufacturing zone shall not exceed 50 percent. (Ord. 1172 § 64, 2001)

17.48.050 Yards.

Yard requirements in a light manufacturing zone shall be as follows:

A. Front yards and side yards abutting rights-of-way and road easements shall be not less than five feet, exclusive of parking areas;

B. Side yards shall total not less than 15 feet. Exterior walls of buildings shall be constructed in accordance with the fire resistive requirements of the most recently adopted edition of the Uniform Building Code;

C. No rear yard shall be required providing that the rear wall is of fire resistant construction, pursuant to the Uniform Building Code, and has no windows or other openings;

D. In addition to the above yard requirements, whenever a property which is zoned light manufacturing directly abuts a property which is zoned for residential use, there shall be installed along all property lines which abut property zoned for residential use a barrier designed to substantially mitigate sights and sounds. (Ord. 1172 § 65, 2001)

17.48.060 Access requirements.

Access requirements for a light manufacturing zone shall be as defined in the street and storm drainage standards as defined in Chapter 12.02 FHMC. (Ord. 1172 § 66, 2001)