Chapter 1.06


1.06.010    Adoption.

1.06.020    Effective after filing.

1.06.030    Effect on existing laws and regulations.

1.06.010 Adoption.

There is adopted for Gig Harbor, Washington, the classification of noncharter code city, retaining the mayor-council plan of government under which Gig Harbor is presently operated, as provided in Chapter 35A.12 RCW, endowed with all the applicable rights, powers, and privileges of a noncharter code city as the same now exists, or may be provided hereafter, including any and all supplements, amendments, or other modifications of the title hereafter at any time enacted. (Ord. 363 § 1, 1981).

1.06.020 Effective after filing.

The city clerk-treasurer is authorized and directed to forward to the Secretary of State a certified copy of the ordinance codified in this chapter for filing pursuant to RCW 35A.02.040, as amended, on the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter and upon which filing the city shall thereafter be classified as a noncharter code city as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 363 § 2, 1981).

1.06.030 Effect on existing laws and regulations.

All ordinances, resolutions, and orders adopted under the fourth class town classification, where not in conflict with the state law, shall continue in force and effect until repealed or amended by the city council under the newly adopted optional municipal code classification of noncharter code city under the mayor-council form of government. (Ord. 363 § 3, 1981).