Chapter 2.53


2.53.010    Committee established.

2.53.020    Composition, rules and terms of office.

2.53.030    Authority and functions.

2.53.010 Committee established.

There is hereby established a city of Gig Harbor lodging tax advisory committee, to serve the functions prescribed in Chapter 67.28 RCW. (Ord. 1423 § 7, 2019).

2.53.020 Composition, rules and terms of office.

The membership of the lodging tax advisory committee shall consist of nine voting members, appointed by the city council. One member shall be an elected official of the city who shall serve as chair, four members shall be representatives of businesses required to collect the tax, and four members shall be persons involved in activities authorized to be funded by revenue received from the tax. Preference will be given to city residents. Appointments of all members shall be for three years. Initial appointments to the committee shall be made with one-, two-, or three-year terms, so that no more than three members’ terms expire in one year. All committee members’ terms shall expire on September 30th. Members may continue to serve past their term expiration if no replacement has been appointed. Vacancies on the committee shall be filled by the city council. No member shall serve more than three consecutive full terms of office. The city council shall review the membership of the committee annually. (Ord. 1423 § 7, 2019).

2.53.030 Authority and functions.

A. Lodging Tax Proposal Review. Not less than 45 days before taking final action on any lodging tax proposals enumerated in this subsection, the Gig Harbor city council shall submit to the lodging tax advisory committee, for its review and comment, proposals regarding the following:

1. The imposition of a tax under Chapter 67.28 RCW;

2. Any change in the rate of such tax;

3. Repeals or exemptions from such a tax; or

4. A change in the use of the revenue received from such a tax.

B. Report from the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee. Upon receiving a proposal from the Gig Harbor city council, the lodging tax advisory committee shall analyze the extent to which the proposal will accommodate activities for tourists, or increase tourism, and the extent to which the proposal will affect the long-range stability of the city fund created for the lodging tax revenues. The committee shall submit a written recommendation to the Gig Harbor city council within 45 days of receiving the proposal from the city council. The report shall be advisory to the Gig Harbor city council and shall not be binding upon the council. Failure of the committee to submit its report to the city council in a timely fashion prior to passage of the proposal shall not prevent the city council from acting on the proposal.

C. Tourism Promotion and Tourism-Related Facility Project Applications. The lodging tax advisory committee is authorized to perform initial review of applications for lodging tax funding and to make recommendations to the Gig Harbor city council regarding which projects the city should fund. If any expenditures will constitute an amendment to the city’s annual budget, the request shall be submitted to the lodging tax advisory committee prior to final approval by the city council. (Ord. 1423 § 7, 2019).