Chapter 2.44


2.44.010    Creation.

2.44.020    Appointment and salary.

2.44.050    General public works director authority.

2.44.010 Creation.

There is created a department in the city government to be known as the department of public works.  (Ord. 1312 §2 (part), 2003:  Prior code §2.42.010)

2.44.020 Appointment and salary.

The office of public works director shall be appointed and subject to dismissal by the mayor, with the confirmation of five city council persons.  The salary of such office shall be affixed by the city council.  (Ord. 1312 §2 (part), 2003:  Ord. 1174(part), 1995:  Ord. 1159 (part), 1995:  Ord. 1061 §2, 1990:  prior code §2.42.020)

2.44.050 General public works director authority.

General supervisory authority for general public works is vested in the public works director in the following areas:

A.    Construction, repair and maintenance of all city streets, alleys, sidewalks and other public right-of-way, property and buildings;

B.    All surveys, diagrams, plats, specifications and estimates required in all physical improvements and construction done by city forces;

C.    Operation and maintenance of the water treatment facilities and distribution systems;

D.    Operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment facilities and sewer collection systems;

E.    Construction of new city facilities with city forces when directed and approved by council;

F.    City parks and facilities;

G.    Preserving and keeping on file in his office, subject to public use and inspection, all surveys, diagrams, plats, specifications and estimates relating to physical improvements and construction undertaken by the city;

H.    Management of funds, budgeted and approved by the council to assure that all expenditures of the department are within budget requirements; and, in connection with construction of facilities by city forces, within statutory limitation of state bid laws;

I.    Field supervision and inspection of all construction contracts for city facilities;

J.    City equipment, building and facilities.  (Ord. 1312 §2 (part), 2003:  Ord. 1174 (part), 1995:  Ord. 1159 (part), 1995:  Ord. 1061 §5, 1990:  Ord. 983 §§3, 4, 1988; prior code §2.42.050)