Chapter 2.34


2.34.010    Creation.

2.34.020    Appointment – Terms.

2.34.030    Filling vacancies.

2.34.040    Election of officers – Meetings.

2.34.050    Powers and duties.

2.34.060    Budget recommendations.

2.34.070    Communications to city council.

2.34.010 Creation.

There is created a city beautification commission consisting of six members to be appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the city council. The commissioners shall not receive compensation for their service. (Ord. 1314 § 1, 1992; Ord. 1188 § 2, 1987).

2.34.020 Appointment – Terms.

The members of the beautification commission shall be appointed for an initial term of office, respectively, of one, two, three, four, five, and six years each; and upon the expiration of their terms of office, their successors shall be appointed or reappointed for a term of six years, and upon the resignation or removal of any such commissioner, his/her successor shall be appointed for the balance of his or her unexpired term. (Ord. 1314 § 2, 1992; Ord. 1188 § 2, 1987).

2.34.030 Filling vacancies.

Members of the beautification commission may be removed at any time by a majority of the city council. Whenever a commissioner absents him/herself for three consecutive regular meetings of the commission, or an aggregate of five regular and/or special meetings annually, unless by permission of the city council, his/her office shall be automatically vacated. Requests for excused absences shall be in writing. Vacancies for the remainder of any such unexpired terms shall be filled in the same manner in which original appointments were made. (Ord. 1188 § 2, 1987).

2.34.040 Election of officers – Meetings.

Immediately after their appointment, members of the commission shall meet and organize by electing from the members of the commission a chairperson and vice chairperson. An election of such officers shall be conducted at the first meeting of each calendar year. The city parks and recreation director, or his/her designee, shall serve as secretary to the commission. The secretary shall be entitled to participate in the deliberations of the commission, but shall have no vote. It shall be the duty of the chairperson to preside at all meetings of the commission, and of the secretary to keep minutes of all meetings and all proceedings of the commission. The vice chairperson shall perform the duties of the chairperson in the event of absence of the chairperson or vacancy in the office. A majority of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and affirmative votes by a majority shall be necessary to carry any proposition. A public meeting of the commission shall be held within the corporate limits of the city at least quarterly. (Ord. 1188 § 2, 1987).

2.34.050 Powers and duties.

The powers and duties of the commission shall be:

A. To consult with and recommend to the parks and recreation commission and city council in matters pertaining to the beautification of the city;

B. To encourage and promote beautification activities of individuals, organizations and governmental agencies in the city;

C. To recommend to the parks and recreation committee and city council a street master plan describing the types and kinds of trees to be planted and maintained on public rights-of-way within the city; and

D. To formulate and recommend to the parks and recreation committee and city council a unified beautification program for the city. (Ord. 1188 § 2, 1987).

2.34.060 Budget recommendations.

The beautification commission may submit project and/or program recommendations to the parks and recreation committee and city council for the preliminary budget prior to August 1st of each year. (Ord. 1188 § 2, 1987).

2.34.070 Communications to city council.

The beautification commission, through the parks and recreation committee, shall forward communications to the city council through separate memoranda, including all rationale, which shall be scheduled as council agenda items. (Ord. 1188 § 2, 1987).