Chapter 12.06


12.06.010    Established.

12.06.010 Established.

This chapter establishes a complete streets program as follows:

The purpose of the complete streets program is to ensure all users are planned for in the construction of all city transportation improvement projects. The city of Grandview encourages healthy, active living, reduction of traffic congestion and fossil fuels, and improvements in the safety and quality of life.

The city of Grandview will plan for, design, and construct all new transportation projects to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations for bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit users; except in the following cases:

A. Where the establishment would be contrary to public safety.

B. When the cost would be disproportionate to the need or probable future use.

C. Where there is no identified need.

D. Where the establishment would be contrary to the transportation element of the comprehensive plan. (Ord. 2014-11 § 1).