Chapter 12.20


12.20.010    Title.

12.20.020    Construction.

12.20.030    Definitions.

12.20.040    Signs, billboards, etc.

12.20.050    Defacing property.

12.20.060    Animal at large.

12.20.070    Explosives or weapons.

12.20.080    Collections or solicitations.

12.20.090    Concessions.

12.20.100    Riding animals.

12.20.110    Alcoholic beverages.

12.20.120    Repealed.

12.20.130    Hours.

12.20.140    Assemblages – Rules.

12.20.150    Vehicles and horses.

12.20.160    Camping.

12.20.170    Refuse.

12.20.180    Competitions.

12.20.190    Fires.

12.20.195    Electrical worm prodding.

12.20.200    Violation – Rules and regulations.

12.20.210    Repealed.

12.20.220    Violation – Principals designated.

12.20.230    Violation – Penalty.

12.20.010 Title.

This chapter constitutes the park code of the city, and may be cited as such. (1964 code § 10.06.010).

12.20.020 Construction.

This chapter is an exercise of the police power of the state and the city for the public peace, health, safety and welfare, and its provisions shall be liberally construed. (1964 code § 10.06.020).

12.20.030 Definitions.

A. The terms used in this chapter, unless clearly contrary to or inconsistent with the context in which used, shall be construed as follows:

1. “Park” means and includes all city parks, public squares, park drives, parkways, boulevards, park museums, swimming and wading pools and play and recreation grounds under the jurisdiction of the city of Grandview.

2. “Parks and recreation director” means the city of Grandview parks and recreation director.

B. Wherever consistent with the context of this chapter, words in the present, past or future tenses shall be construed to be interchangeable with each other and words in the singular number shall be construed to include the plural. (Ord. 2009-2 § 20; Ord. 1468 § 1, 1996; Ord. 1407 § 1, 1995; 1964 code § 10.06.030).

12.20.040 Signs, billboards, etc.

It is unlawful to use, place or erect any signboard, sign, billboard, bulletin board, post, pole or device of any kind for advertising, with the exception of political election signs as permitted in GMC 15.16.030(B), in any park, or to attach any notice, bill, poster, sign, wire, rod or cord to any tree, shrub, railing, post or structure within any park; or to place or erect in any park a structure of any kind; provided, that the parks and recreation director may permit the erection of temporary directional signs or decorations on occasions of public celebration and picnics, and any signs relating to park facilities approved by the parks and recreation director. (Ord. 2009-2 § 21; Ord. 1468 § 2, 1996; 1964 code § 10.06.040).

12.20.050 Defacing property.

It is unlawful to remove, destroy, mutilate or deface any structure, monument, statue, vase, fountain, wall, fence, railing, vehicle, bench, shrub, tree, fern, plant, flower, lighting system, or sprinkling system or other property lawfully within any park. (1964 code § 10.06.040).

12.20.060 Animal at large.

It is unlawful to allow or permit any animal in any park, or to enter any swimming pool or wading pool or stream within the park, except for events that are sponsored or approved by the parks department, and except that dogs are allowed only in Dykstra Park, East Entrance Parkway and West Entrance Parkway, and only upon the following conditions:

A. Dogs must be licensed with the city of Grandview as required in GMC 6.04.030.

B. Dogs must be on a leash at all times while in the park.

C. Dogs are restricted to the pedestrian, asphalt pathway area.

D. Owners must provide the proper means to clean up and dispose of their dog’s waste.

Violation of one or more of these conditions may result in a civil infraction with a fine not to exceed $100.00 per violation. (Ord. 2010-9 § 1; Ord. 2009-2 § 22; Ord. 1679 § 2, 2004; 1964 code § 10.06.060).

12.20.070 Explosives or weapons.

It is unlawful to shoot, fire or explode any firearm, fireworks, firecracker, torpedo or explosive of any kind or to shoot or fire any air gun, bows and arrows, BB gun or use any slingshot in any park, except for professional fireworks displays allowed under this code and except for law enforcement personnel. (Ord. 2015-10 § 1; Ord. 2009-2 § 23; 1964 code § 10.06.070).

12.20.080 Collections or solicitations.

It is unlawful to take up collections, or to act as or ply the vocation of solicitor, agent, peddler, fakir, mendicant, beggar, strolling musician, organ grinder, exhorter, barker, showman or bootblack; or to operate or use any loudspeaker without a written permit in any park. (1964 code § 10.06.080).

12.20.090 Concessions.

It is unlawful to sell refreshments or merchandise, or to distribute literature in any park without the permission of, or a concession contract with, the city of Grandview. (Ord. 1468 § 3, 1996; 1964 code § 10.06.090).

12.20.100 Riding animals.

It is unlawful to have or ride any horse, mule or other riding animal, except over bridle trails and other designated areas. (1964 code § 10.06.100).

12.20.110 Alcoholic beverages.

It is unlawful to consume, possess or bring or cause to be brought, wine, beer or any other alcoholic beverage in or into any park except as provided in Chapter 5.50 GMC. (Ord. 1268 § 1, 1990; 1964 code § 10.06.110).

12.20.120 Abusive language.

Repealed by Ord. 2009-2. (1964 code § 10.06.120).

12.20.130 Hours.

No person shall be in any park after 6:00 p.m. during the winter season, October 1st through March 1st, or after 10:00 p.m. during the summer season, March 2nd through September 30th, unless in attendance at a regularly permitted activity under permit of the parks and recreation department. The time referred to above shall be daylight savings time or Pacific Standard Time, whichever is in effect on the date in question. (Ord. 1468 § 4, 1996; 1964 code § 10.06.140).

12.20.140 Assemblages – Rules.

A. It is unlawful to participate in any park assembly of more than 25 persons without permission of the parks and recreation director obtained in advance.

B. The parks and recreation department shall make such rules as are required for issuance of permits to groups in excess of 25 persons, and shall require such groups to supply security to the city against damage or destruction of park facilities and impairment of ecological conditions within the park. Such rules shall be available at the office of the city clerk. (Ord. 2009-2 § 25; Ord. 1468 § 5, 1996; 1964 code § 10.06.150).

12.20.150 Vehicles and horses.

It is unlawful to ride or drive any bicycle, tricycle, motorcycle, motor vehicle, horse or pony over or through any park, or to stand or park any vehicle, except in areas designated by the parks and recreation department. (Ord. 2009-2 § 26; Ord. 1468 § 6, 1996; 1964 code § 10.06.160).

12.20.160 Camping.

It is unlawful to camp in any park, except at places set aside for such purposes by the parks department and so designated by signs and except as permitted by the parks and recreation permit process. (Ord. 2009-2 § 27; 1964 code § 10.06.170)

12.20.170 Refuse.

It is unlawful to throw any refuse, litter, broken glass, crockery, nails, shrubbery, trimmings, junk or advertising matter in any park or to deposit any such material therein except in designated receptacles. (1964 code § 10.06.180).

12.20.180 Competitions.

It is unlawful to engage in, conduct or hold any trials or competitions for speed, endurance or hill climbing involving any vehicle, boat, aircraft or animal in any park, except in areas designated by the parks and recreation department and so posted. (Ord. 1468 § 7, 1996; 1964 code § 10.06.190).

12.20.190 Fires.

It is unlawful to build any fires in any park, except in areas designated by the parks and recreation department. (Ord. 1468 § 8, 1996; 1964 code § 10.06.200).

12.20.195 Electrical worm prodding.

It is unlawful for anyone, other than authorized city personnel (if deemed necessary for the benefit of the city parks) to use electrical prods or other means to remove or harvest earth worms on city property. (Ord. 1408 § 1, 1995).

12.20.200 Violation – Rules and regulations.

It is unlawful to violate or fail to comply with any park rule or regulation duly adopted and posted by the city. (Ord. 1468 § 9, 1996; 1964 code § 10.06.210).

12.20.210 Violation – Information reward.

Repealed by Ord. 1468. (1964 code § 10.06.220).

12.20.220 Violation – Principals designated.

Anyone in violation of this chapter, whether directly committing the act or omitting to do the thing constituting the offense, or who aids or abets the same, and whether present or absent; and anyone who directly or indirectly counsels, encourages, hires, commands, induces or otherwise procures another to commit such offense, is and shall be a principal under the terms of this chapter and shall be proceeded against and prosecuted as such. (1964 code § 10.06.230).

12.20.230 Violation – Penalty.

Anyone found to be in violation of this chapter or the rules made by the parks and recreation department pursuant hereto shall be subject to a civil infraction and shall be subject to a fine not exceeding $500.00. In addition, anyone found guilty of a misdemeanor or a gross misdemeanor under GMC Title 9 in a city park shall be subject to being trespassed from the park where the crime occurred for a period of one year from the date of conviction and thereafter shall be subject to a charge of criminal trespass under GMC Title 9 if the person is on that park property during the time specified. (Ord. 2009-2 § 28; Ord. 1468 § 11, 1996; 1964 code § 10.06.240).