Title 18


Division I. Environmental Protection

18.04    Environmental Policy Act

18.06    Critical Areas

Division II. Shoreline Master Program

18.10    General Provisions

18.20    Definitions

18.30    Application and Review Procedures

18.40    Enforcement and Penalties

18.50    Flood Hazard Areas

18.60    Fish and Wildlife Habitat and the Stream Corridor System

18.70    Wetlands

18.80    Geologically Hazardous Areas

18.90    Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas (CARA)

18.100    Shorelines

Appendix A    Designated Type 2 Stream Corridors

Appendix B    Yakima County Shoreline Lakes and Ponds and Their Environmental Designations

Appendix C    Yakima County Shoreline Streams and Their Environmental Designations