Chapter 1.12


1.12.010    Publication by posting notices.

1.12.020    Documents covered.

1.12.030    Official newspaper dispensed with.

1.12.010 Publication by posting notices.

The publication of any and all ordinances, notices and legal notices, whatsoever, is hereby declared to be legal and effective if made by posting one copy thereof at the front door of the Town Hall, and other copies in at least two (2) of the most public places in said town where the same may be easily read, for the time prescribed by law. Any ordinance or ordinances of the town, and such posting shall be for all intents and purposes the same as if published in the official paper or the official newspaper as contemplated by the law, ordinances, rules and regulations mentioning such paper and term. “Official paper” and “official newspaper” as heretofore used in any ordinance, resolution or law is hereby defined to mean by posting in the manner and for the time herein provided. (Ord. 108 § 1, 1942).

1.12.020 Documents covered.

This chapter shall apply to any and all ordinances, resolutions, notices and publications already made by posting as herein provided for as well as to all future ordinances, resolutions and notices that are or hereafter may be required to be published. (Ord. 108 § 2, 1942).

1.12.030 Official newspaper dispensed with.

The necessity of publication of any ordinance, notice or other communication, whether of election or other matter, whatsoever, in any paper, whatsoever, and the use of any official paper and official newspaper shall be and hereby is dispensed with. (Ord. 108 § 3, 1942).