Chapter 10.12


10.12.010    Designation.

10.12.020    Motor vehicles prohibited – Penalty.

10.12.010 Designation.

Because the town’s six (6) year transportation improvement plan recognizes the need for trails as part of the town’s transportation system, and because the old Great Northern Railroad right-of-way known as the Crescent has been leased, cleared and otherwise prepared as a trail, it is hereby declared part of the town’s transportation system to be called Crescent Trail. (Ord. 222 § 1, 1985).

10.12.020 Motor vehicles prohibited – Penalty.

Because the Crescent Trail is intended for non-motor vehicles, it shall be illegal to operate a motor vehicle on this trail, and such illegal use shall be punishable by a fine of thirty-five dollars ($35.00). (Ord. 222 § 2, 1985).