Chapter 12.12


12.12.010    From sidewalks.

12.12.030    From streets.

12.12.040    Vehicle owners to provide parking location.

12.12.050    Vehicle removal – Charged to owner.

12.12.010 From sidewalks.

Every person who owns or occupies any lot in the town, in front of which a sidewalk has been constructed, shall remove, or cause to be removed, all snow, hail and ice from the sidewalk in front of said lot, within 12 hours after a fall of snow or hail, exceeding in depth two inches, or within 6 hours after a notice to remove, or cause to be removed, said snow, hail or ice from said sidewalk shall have been served upon them, or any of them, by the marshal of the town. (Ord. 49 § 1, 1913).

12.12.020 From streets.

During periods when it becomes necessary to remove snow from streets with a grader, snow plow or other equipment, all cars, trucks and other vehicles must be parked elsewhere than on streets and alleys, where they interfere with equipment that is removing snow. (Ord. 143 § 1, 1966).

12.12.030 Vehicle owners to provide parking location.

If no off-street parking adjacent to where vehicles are parked on streets or alleys is available, it shall become the responsibility of the owners of these vehicles to provide a suitable parking location at their own expense. (Ord. 143 § 2, 1966).

12.12.040 Vehicle removal – Charged to owner.

After the passage of the ordinance codified in this chapter by the town council, and the posting of same in public places, no further notification shall be deemed necessary for the removal of vehicles from street and alley areas where snow is to be removed, and violators of this chapter will be charged for the cost of removing vehicles parked in such areas, with no liability to the town for damages. (Ord. 143 § 3, 1966).