Chapter 12.20


12.20.010    Definitions.

12.20.020    Application.

12.20.010 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter, a special event is defined as any nonspontaneous organized gathering within the city park, whether organized and convened by an individual, group, or organization and whether for social, commercial, or any other lawful purpose. The gathering of persons for political expression of any sort shall not be regulated by this chapter. (Ord. 376 (part), 2005).

12.20.020 Application.

Application shall be made with the town clerk, within normal business hours, for permission to hold a special event within the city park of the town of Index. The special events checklist furnished by the clerk shall be completed by the applicant.

Upon completion of the checklist the town clerk may approve the application if all of the following conditions are true:

(A) The event is reasonably expected to attract fifty (50) or fewer participants;

(B) The event is reasonably expected to require parking for twenty-five (25) or fewer vehicles;

(C) The event will not involve amplified music, a public address system, or other noise which could be heard beyond the immediate proximity of the event;

(D) The event will not involve sale of goods, collection of fees or donations, or other financial transactions of any sort;

(E) The event will not take place outside of legal hours of operation of the city park;

(F) The event will not require exclusive use of the facility;

(G) The event will not require street closure or modification of traffic;

(H) The event will not place increased demand upon public services, including but not limited to electric power, garbage collection, sanitary facilities, police and/or fire protection;

(I) The event will not be at cross purposes with, nor impede the normal operations of, the adjoining school;

(J) The event will not involve the sale, distribution, or consumption of alcoholic beverages.

If the proposed event does not meet the above criteria, the approval of the town council shall be required, and applicant shall also be required to complete a SEPA environmental checklist for the event. The clerk shall place the application on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled council meeting. At this meeting the town council may act immediately on the application, or at their discretion may delay action for one (1) additional month to give time to resolve any questions about the proposed event.

Applications for events shall not be unreasonably denied. In consideration of application for special events the council shall ensure that the event otherwise complies with all local regulations. (Ord. 376 (part), 2005).