Chapter 5.24


5.24.010    Master license and sublicense – Required.

5.24.020    Licenses – Application – Issuance.

5.24.030    Licenses – Refund of fees, posting and transferability.

5.24.040    Licenses – Fees and term.

5.24.050    Generally.

5.24.010 Master license and sublicense – Required.

It is unlawful for any person or firm to own or have in its control or possession with the limits of the City, or to operate or permit the operation on premises owned or controlled by it in the City, any coin-operated musical device without having a valid subsisting master license and a valid subsisting sublicense for each such coin-operated musical device; provided, however, that a sublicense only, and not a master license, shall be required for such machines in premises used exclusively by private clubs, fraternal organizations, and service organization clubs. (Ord. 704 § 1, 1958).

5.24.020 Licenses – Application – Issuance.

Applications for licenses shall be made to the City Clerk in such form and with such information as the City Clerk may require. The Clerk shall submit all applications to the City Council and shall issue master licenses and sublicenses only after approval by the Council and payment to the City Treasurer of the prescribed fees for same. Licenses shall be granted only to persons of good moral character or to firms operated by such persons. Each sublicense shall be granted and issued for, and limited to, the operation and maintenance of 1 such machine at a specific location which shall be described with reasonable certainty in the application and in the sublicense, and which in the judgment of the City Council is a proper and suitable location for the operation of such licensed machine. (Ord. 704 § 2, 1958).

5.24.030 Licenses – Refund of fees, posting and transferability.

Master licenses shall not be transferred from 1 person or firm and sublicenses shall not be transferred from 1 location to another. Each sublicense shall at all times be kept posted in plain view on or adjacent to the machine licensed thereunder and at the location licensed thereunder. License fees shall not be refunded upon discontinuance or abandonment of any license or location. (Ord. 704 § 3, 1958).

5.24.040 Licenses – Fees and term.

The license period of each master license and for each sublicense under the provisions of this chapter shall be 1 calendar year, or the portion thereof remaining at date of issuance, and all such licenses shall expire on the 31st day of December in the year for which issued. The license fee to be charged and paid under the provisions of this chapter for each master license shall be the sum of $100.00, and there shall be no reduction of the master license fee for fractional parts of the calendar year. The sublicense fee shall be $5.00 per year for each coin-operated musical device. (Ord. 704 § 4, 1958).

5.24.050 Generally.

Fractional first year (1958) master license fees shall be set by the City Council. The licenses provided for in this chapter shall be in lieu of the general business license. (Ord. 704 § 6, 1958).