Chapter 8.16


8.16.010    Barring entry after mining operations.

8.16.020    Violation – Nuisance – Abatement.

8.16.010 Barring entry after mining operations.

It is unlawful for any person, whether the owner or occupier of land, to knowingly permit or maintain on his premises any unfilled or exposed mine shaft, mine tunnel, underground vault, or other opening in the ground as remains after mining operations, or any abandoned or unused well or cistern without securely closing, capping, filling, or otherwise barring entry to the same. (Ord. 1317 § 1, 1978).

8.16.020 Violation – Nuisance – Abatement.

Any mine shaft, mine tunnel, underground vault, well, or cistern maintained in violation of this chapter is declared to be a public nuisance. If the person responsible for maintaining such a nuisance fails to abate the same after notice to do so by the Building Official, the Official may himself direct its summary abatement at the full expense of the owner or occupier of the land where the condition is located. (Ord. 1317 § 2, 1978).