Title 13


Division I. Water

13.04    General Provisions

13.08    Construction Standards

13.12    Connections

13.13    Cross Connections

13.16    Extensions

13.20    Private Systems

13.24    Rates and Charges

13.28    Stormwater Management Policy

13.29    Groundwater Quality Protection Standards

13.30    Stormwater Management Utility

Division II. Sewers

13.32    General Provisions

13.36    Use Regulations

13.40    Side Sewer Permit Requirements

13.48    Side Sewer Minimum Requirements

13.56    Side Sewer Maintenance and Abandonment

13.68    Safety and Cleanup

13.70    Rates, Charges and Assessments

13.72    Repealed

13.80    Compliance, Variances and Waivers

13.82    Violation – Penalty

Division III. Additional Regulations

13.88    Utility Services Outside City Limits

13.90    Water, Sewer and Stormwater Recovery Contracts

13.92    Senior Citizen and Low Income Citizen Fee Reductions

13.94    Degradation of Water Quality

13.100    Water Supply Availability Management

Stat. Ref.: For provisions authorizing all cities to provide for the water supply thereof, and to establish, construct and maintain a system of water supply within or without the corporate limits and to control, regulate and manage the same, see RCW 35.21.210; for provisions regarding the management of a municipal water and sewer system, see Chapters 35.67 and 35.91 RCW; for the provisions regarding the acquisition and operation of municipal utilities generally, see Chapter 35.92 RCW.