Title 18


18.01    General Provisions

18.02    Definitions

18.03    Administration

18.04    Procedures

18.05    Enforcement

18.06    Establishment of Zoning Districts

18.07    Required Development and Design Standards

18.08    Nonconforming Situations

18.09    Parking

18.10    Environmental Protection

18.11    Sign Code

18.12    Landscaping and Tree Preservation

18.13    Subdivisions

18.14    Annexations

18.15    Transportation Concurrency Management

18.16    Recodified

18.17    Recodified

18.18    Recodified

18.19    Olde Town Design Standards for CBD and Adjacent MF-M and MF-H Zoning Districts

18.19A    Central Issaquah Area Development and Design Standards

18.19B    Issaquah Highlands, WSDOT TDR, and TOD Replacement Regulations, Subsequent to Development Agreement Termination

18.19C    Talus Replacement Regulations, Subsequent to Development Agreement Termination

18.19D    Olde Town Architectural Design Standards for Single Family – Duplex

18.20    Protection and Preservation of Landmarks, Landmark Sites and Districts

18.21    Affordable Housing

18.22    Wireless Communication Facilities (WCF)

*Additional provisions relating to land use include IMC Titles 12, 13 and 16, which can be found in Volume I of the Municipal Code. They can be purchased separately as reprints.