Chapter 18.14


18.14.010    Purpose and intent.

18.14.020    Annexation process.

18.14.010 Purpose and intent.

The Comprehensive Plan sets forth Potential Annexation Areas (PAAs) to which the City will be expected to provide public services and extend utilities at some time during the twenty (20) year planning period. The Comprehensive Plan also includes a vision for each PAA. Annexation is the process by which the land in the City’s PAAs becomes a part of the City’s jurisdiction. (Ord. 2283 § 1, 2000; Ord. 2108 § 14.1, 1996).

18.14.020 Annexation process.

The annexation process is governed by state law (Chapter 35A.14 RCW). The City’s public process (Level 6 Review – see Chapter 18.04 IMC flow chart) blends with the state process and provides more opportunity for public input. Those annexation proposals, which are deemed by the Planning Director/Manager to be within the vision of the Comprehensive Plan, do not require review by the Planning Policy Commission.

For those PAAs which would like to pursue annexation prior to a subarea plan being completed by the City, land use designations and other specific planning aspects of the project or area will be determined through a pre-annexation agreement and negotiation process or through the City’s annexation process, remaining consistent with the goals, policies and vision set forth in the Comprehensive Plan. (Ord. 2283 § 1, 2000; Ord. 2108 § 14.2, 1996).