Chapter 3.35


3.35.010    Voucher system.

3.35.020    Administrative agencies.

3.35.030    Authorized organization.

3.35.010 Voucher system.

A voucher system for payments from the Jefferson County veterans’ assistance fund is hereby authorized to be established by the county commissioners and operated in cooperation with the Jefferson County Veterans’ Service Officers Association. [Ord. 1-94 § 1]

3.35.020 Administrative agencies.

(1) The Jefferson County Veterans’ Service Officers Association will submit to the Jefferson County commissioners’ office a copy of their duly approved by-laws which indicate that each veterans’ organization authorized to submit applications for assistance is represented and has a participating service officer in the association.

(2) If a nationally recognized veterans’ organization in Jefferson County (that is not represented by the Jefferson County Veterans’ Service Officers Association) submits an application for assistance from the Jefferson County veteran’s assistance fund, that application will be reviewed in accordance with the provisions as set forth in the agreement authorized by this chapter. [Ord. 1-94 § 2]

3.35.030 Authorized organization.

The Jefferson County Veterans’ Service Officers Association is the organization recognized and authorized to execute an agreement for the purpose of setting forth the conditions for disbursing funds from the Jefferson County veterans assistance fund for relief to honorably discharged, indigent, wartime veterans and their dependents. [Ord. 1-94 § 3]