Chapter 3.40


3.40.010    Surcharges imposed.

3.40.020    Effective date.

3.40.030    Collection – Implementation.

3.40.010 Surcharges imposed.

The purpose of this chapter is to impose the following surcharges:

(1) A surcharge of $10.00 on each civil filing fee in the district court of Jefferson County.

(2) A surcharge of $15.00 shall be imposed on each filing fee for small claims actions in district court.

(3) An additional fee of $8.00 shall be charged on each marriage license. [Ord. 4-93 § 1]

3.40.020 Effective date.

The surcharges and additional fee authorized hereunder shall commence 10 days after the ordinance codified in this chapter has been approved by the board of county commissioners pursuant to RCW 7.75.020(2).1 Upon approval, the clerk of the board is directed to forthwith notify the clerk of the district court and the auditor of Jefferson County of the board’s approval. Said notification shall be in writing and shall advise the clerk of the district court and the auditor of the effective date of the surcharges and fee increase. [Ord. 4-93 § 2]

3.40.030 Collection – Implementation.

Surcharges imposed shall be collected by the clerk of the court and remitted to the county treasurer for deposit in a separate account to be used solely for dispute resolution centers established under Chapter 7.75 RCW et seq. The additional fee on marriage licenses shall be collected and deposited in the same manner as other county funds are collected and deposited, and shall be maintained in a separate account to be used as provided in RCW 26.12.220. Upon a schedule established by the treasurer, said funds shall be disbursed to the dispute resolution center authorized by the board of commissioners. [Ord. 4-93 § 3]


Code reviser’s note: Ord. 4-93 was approved June 14, 1993.