Chapter 8.45


8.45.010    Definitions.

8.45.020    Positive tests – Removal, retesting.

8.45.030    Extensions – Hardship cases.

8.45.040    Violation – Penalty.

8.45.010 Definitions.

Unless the context indicates otherwise words and phrases used in this chapter shall have the following meaning:

(1) “Bangs test” means that certain blood serum test for agglutinins against Brucella abortus made in a laboratory approved by the Washington State Department of Agriculture or United States Bureau of Animal Husbandry.

(2) “Hardship case” means any case in which the imposition of controls generally specified herein will cause an undue or extreme loss by way of property or income to any herd owner or person having control of said herd; provided, that public welfare, health and safety is not endangered by such relaxation of control.

(3) “Herd” means one or more bovine animals kept under such separate control within marked boundaries.

(4) “Reactor” means any animal which shall be found positive to the Bangs Test. [Ord. 8 § 1, 1954]

8.45.020 Positive tests – Removal, retesting.

(1) After June 1, 1955, any animal in a herd found to react to the Bangs Test shall be removed from the premises of the owner or person having control within 15 days after receipt of notice to such person from the district health officer of the State Department of Agriculture, giving notice in writing to such person that the animal, describing said animal, has reacted positively to the Bangs Test.

(2) The remaining animals in such herd shall be retested not less than 30 days nor more than 60 days within the date of the first test given said animal or said herd.

(3) A series of retests, with removal and slaughter of reacting animals, shall be continued until the herd shall have passed three successive negative tests, each test being given within the abovementioned intervals, until no reactors are further found. If upon a final test, not less than six months mor more than seven months from the date of the last negative test of the three tests no reactors are found in the herd, the herd shall be deemed to be Bangs-free. [Ord. 8 § 2, 1954]

8.45.030 Extensions – Hardship cases.

If any herd owner or person in control of any herd has any animals which are found to be positive said person may make application to the Washington State Department of Agriculture, Division of Dairy and Livestock, for an extension of time to dispose of his reactor cattle and make replacements as he shall deem necessary. If the person makes proper showing that his circumstances be classified as a hardship case, he may be granted an extension of time, during which extension his entire herd shall be quarantined as prescribed by the statutes of the state of Washington; provided, that the provision of this particular paragraph relating to hardship cases and quarantine shall become null and void after April 11, 1956, and no extension for hardship shall be thereafter granted. [Ord. 8 § 3, 1954]

8.45.040 Violation – Penalty.

Any violation of the provisions of this chapter shall constitute a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $100.00 or by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed 30 days or both. Failure to comply with the provision of this chapter for each day and for each separate animal so infected shall be deemed separate and independent offenses. [Ord. 8 § 4, 1954]