I. Health and Human Services Department

I-010    Public health environmental health division.

I-020    Public health clinic services.

I-030    Animal services.

I-040    Clean water district fee.

II. Department of Community Development Building and Planning Division

II-010    Building.

II-020    Right-of-way, utility and address applications.

II-030    Land use approval applications (Unified Development Code).

II-040    Type I permits.

II-050    Type II permits (require notice of application, notice board, and preapplication conference).

II-060    Type III permits.

II-070    Type IV permits.

II-080    Type V permits.

II-090    Current use tax assessment application.

II-100    Other.

III. Public Works Department – Solid Waste Division

(Repealed by Ord. 3-23)

IV. Public Works Department

IV-010    Right-of-way use applications.

IV-020    Utility applications.

IV-030    Miscellaneous applications.

IV-040    Development review applications.

V. Public Works Department – Facilities, Parks and Recreation Division

(Repealed by Ord. 2-23)

VI. Survey Recording

VI-010    Purpose.

VI-020    Record of survey.

VI-030    Record of monument.

VII. Safety

VII-010    Alarm systems.

VIII. Public Records

VIII-010    Public records request cost schedule.

IX. Clerk’s Fees

IX-010    Electronic court records management system access fees.

IX-020    Fee for filing a request for civil arbitration.

IX-030    Fee for filing a request for trial de novo of a civil arbitration award.

X. Code Compliance

X-010    Civil code violation appeals.