Fees for new programs, events, or services.

Annual fee indexing.

Periodic fee review.

I. Health and Human Services Department

I-010    Public health environmental health division.

I-020    Public health clinic services.

I-030    Animal services.

I-040    Clean water district fee.

II. Department of Community Development Building and Planning Division

II-010    Building.

II-020    Right-of-way, utility and address applications.

II-030    Land use approval applications (Unified Development Code).

II-040    Type I permits.

II-050    Type II permits (require notice of application, notice board, and preapplication conference).

II-060    Type III permits.

II-070    Type IV permits.

II-080    Type V permits.

II-090    Current use tax assessment application.

II-100    Other.

III. Public Works Department – Solid Waste Division

III-010    Purpose – Scope.

III-011    Effective date.

III-012    Fee indexing.

III-020    Solid waste disposal – Transfer station commercial and noncommercial rates.

III-030    Solid waste disposal drop box site (Quilcene).

III-040    Hours of operation.

III-050    Moderate risk waste disposal facility.

IV. Public Works Department

IV-010    Right-of-way use applications.

IV-020    Utility applications.

IV-030    Miscellaneous applications.

IV-040    Development review applications.

V. Public Works Department – Facilities, Parks and Recreation Division

V-010    Facility use.

V-020    Recreation department programs.

VI. Survey Recording

VI-010    Purpose.

VI-020    Record of survey.

VI-030    Record of monument.

VII. Safety

VII-010    Alarm systems.

VIII. Public Records

VIII-010    Public records request cost schedule.

IX. Clerk’s Fees

IX-010    Electronic court records management system access fees.

IX-020    Fee for filing a request for civil arbitration.

IX-030    Fee for filing a request for trial de novo of a civil arbitration award.

X. Code Compliance

X-010    Civil code violation appeals.


Fees for new programs/services instituted after passage of Ordinance No. 12-96 in departments/divisions covered under this appendix are authorized for establishment by resolution of the board of county commissioners as recommended by the department. Any fixed amount fees established under this section will be subject to annual fee indexing and periodic review, as if they were established as part of this appendix. [Ord. 12-96 § 3]


Fixed amount fees established by this appendix shall be adjusted annually on the first business day of January (“adjustment date”) by the amount of the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPIW). The CPIW is the Consumer Price Index – U.S. City Average for All Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the United States Department of Labor.

The annual fee adjustment shall be calculated as follows: Each fee in effect immediately prior to the adjustment date will be increased by the percentage increase in the CPIW as reported for the month of September preceding the adjustment date. Increases will be rounded to the nearest dollar. A fee shall not be reduced by reason of such calculation. However, fee increases in accordance with this calculation shall not exceed five percent per year.

Copies of the adjusted fee schedule shall be available to the public at the office of the designated department and will be mailed to any customer upon request. The adjusted fee schedule will show the prior year fees, the CPIW, and the new fee. [Ord. 12-96 § 4]


At minimum, once every three years, but no more frequently than once per year, fees established under this appendix will be evaluated for consistency with applicable laws, regulations and fee policies adopted by the board of commissioners. Periodic fee review will consider at least the following factors: service cost recovery; public versus private service benefit; departmental goals; other available funding sources; and comparison fees in adjacent counties, statewide averages and other comparable areas. [Ord. 12-96 § 5]