Chapter 12.16


12.16.010    Compliance with state statutes required.

12.16.030    Filing fee.

12.16.040    Assessment compensation requirements.

12.16.050    Disposition of city revenues.

12.16.010 Compliance with state statutes required.

Street and alley vacations shall be processed and granted in accordance with Chapter 35.79 RCW as now in effect or hereinafter amended. (Ord. 3913 § 2, 2018; Ord. 3589 § 1, 2006; Ord. 2962 § 1, 1984)

12.16.030 Filing fee.

As a condition precedent to the city’s accepting any petition for the vacation of any street or alley, it shall be the obligation of the petitioner to submit a filing fee as established from time to time by resolution of the city council, which shall be nonrefundable; provided, however, in the case of petitions submitted by public agencies such filing fees may be waived. Fees described in this chapter are imposed for the purpose of defraying the administrative cost of processing vacation petitions and such revenue shall be credited to the general fund. (Ord. 3913 § 2, 2018; Ord. 3589 § 1, 2006; Ord. 2962 § 2, 1984)

12.16.040 Assessment compensation requirements.

Except in the case of a public agency, no ordinance vacating a street or alley shall be submitted to the city council for final consideration until the petitioner or his representative has paid to the city finance director an amount equaling one-half the assessed value of the property to be vacated. The amount to be paid shall be determined by ascertaining the most recent county assessor’s valuation of the land to which the vacated property is to be joined and determining the assessed value of each square foot of such property. The resulting land assessment for each square foot thereof shall be multiplied by one-half the number of square feet of the property to be vacated with the resulting amount paid by the petitioner. (Ord. 3913 § 2, 2018; Ord. 3589 § 1, 2006; Ord. 2962 § 4, 1984)

12.16.050 Disposition of city revenues.

Unless otherwise determined by motion of the city council, all revenue derived from street or alley vacations, exclusive of application fees, shall be credited to the city’s street fund. (Ord. 3913 § 2, 2018; Ord. 3589 § 1, 2006; Ord. 2962 § 5, 1984)