Chapter 3.05


3.05.010    Established.

3.05.020    Purpose.

3.05.030    Charge to proper account.

3.05.040    Custodian.

3.05.010 Established.

A petty cash fund is hereby established in the amount of $500.00. [Ord. 98-0002 § 1.]

3.05.020 Purpose.

The use of the petty cash fund shall be restricted to miscellaneous petty or emergency expenditures, refunds legally payable by the City, and for cash change to be used in the transaction of the City’s official business. [Ord. 98-0002 § 2.]

3.05.030 Charge to proper account.

All expenditures made from the petty cash fund shall be charged to an existing appropriation for such purpose, except expenditures chargeable against funds for which no appropriation is required by law. All expenditures or refunds made from the petty cash fund shall be reimbursed out of and charged to the proper appropriation or fund at the close of each month and such other times as may be necessary. [Ord. 98-0002 § 3.]

3.05.040 Custodian.

The city manager or such employee of the City designated by the city manager in writing shall be the custodian of the petty cash fund. The custodian shall have full responsibility for the fund and its proper use. The custodian shall be covered by a surety bond in the full amount of the fund and any advances made to the fund at any time, and such bond shall be conditioned upon the proper accounting for and legal expenditure of all such funds, in addition to other conditions required by law. [Ord. 98-0002 § 4.]