Chapter 3.70


3.70.010    Biennial budget established.

3.70.020    Mid-biennial review.

3.70.010 Biennial budget established.

Pursuant to Chapter 35A.34 RCW, the city council hereby establishes, beginning January 1, 2009, a two-year biennial budget for the City of Kenmore. The 2009-2010 biennial budget and all subsequent budgets shall be prepared, considered, and adopted under the provisions of this chapter and Chapter 35A.34 RCW. [Ord. 08-0281 § 1.]

3.70.020 Mid-biennial review.

Pursuant to Chapter 35A.34 RCW, the city council hereby provides for a mid-biennial review and modification of the biennial budget which shall occur no sooner that September 1st nor later than the conclusion of the first year of the fiscal biennium. The city manager shall prepare the proposed budget modifications which shall be distributed to members of the city council, shall make copies available to the public, shall provide for publication of notice of hearings consistent with publication of notices for adoption of other City ordinances, and shall provide for public hearings on the proposed budget modifications. The budget modification shall be by ordinance approved in the same manner as other ordinances of the City. [Ord. 08-0281 § 2.]