Chapter 6.05


6.05.010    Adoption by reference.

6.05.020    License fees and penalties.

6.05.030    Enforcement.

6.05.010 Adoption by reference.

Title 11 of the King County Code, entitled “Regional Animal Services Section,” is adopted by reference as if set forth in full herein, with the exception of the provisions of Chapter 11.08 of the King County Code, “Dog Leash Law,” which is expressly not adopted. Except as provided in KMC 6.05.020 (license fees and penalties), future amendments to Title 11 of the King County Code shall not automatically be adopted, but shall require city council approval by way of an ordinance to become effective within the City. [Ord. 10-0317 § 2.]

6.05.020 License fees and penalties.

The animal license and registration fees applicable to this title shall be the same as the animal license and registration fees in King County Code Section 11.04.035 as now in effect or as hereafter amended. The city clerk or designee shall include these fees in the City fee schedule maintained by the city clerk or designee. [Ord. 10-0317 § 2.]

6.05.030 Enforcement.

The city manager or designee, and the regional animal services section of King County, are authorized to enforce the provisions of this title, consistent with the enforcement provisions set forth in Title 11 of the King County Code. [Ord. 10-0317 § 2.]