Chapter 16.25


16.25.010    Purpose.

16.25.020    Designation criteria.

16.25.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the Shoreline Residential Environment is to accommodate residential development and appurtenant structures. An additional purpose is to provide appropriate public access and recreational uses within new multifamily developments or on public property. [Ord. 20-0506 § 3 (Exh. 1); Ord. 12-0334 § 3 (Exh. 1).]

16.25.020 Designation criteria.

The Shoreline Residential Environment designation should be assigned to shoreline areas if they are predominantly developed with single-family or multifamily residential uses or are planned and platted for residential development, and the shoreline areas do not meet the criteria for other designations. [Ord. 20-0506 § 3 (Exh. 1); Ord. 12-0334 § 3 (Exh. 1).]