Chapter 20.55


20.55.010    Master plan development (MPD) fees.

20.55.020    Preapplication fees.

20.55.010 Master plan development (MPD) fees.

Fees shall be assessed and collected to compensate the City for the review and monitoring of all MPD permits and associated applications when combined in a single coordinated review, pursuant to the provisions of this code. Such fees compensate for preapplication review, application, and monitoring and compliance.

A. Preapplication Fees. Preapplication fees shall compensate the department for preliminary review and evaluation of MPD permits and for advising the permit applicant prior to the submittal of a formal application for a permit. Preapplication fees shall be collected at the time preapplication review services are rendered.

B. Master Plan Development (MPD) Permit Application Fees. Master plan development application fees shall be an hourly fee to cover the costs of application intake, development of a scope of work, and all work performed under the scope of work. A deposit shall be made at the time of application as a guarantee of work billed in arrears. The hourly fee shall be billed monthly. The scope of work shall include a complete description of the required reviews and products to be prepared by all affected City agencies, or contract agents for such agencies, specifying the amount and type of work task up to the final decision on the MPD permit by the council. The scope of work shall be agreed upon in writing by the applicant and the department prior to starting any review work on the MPD permit application.

C. Master Plan Development Monitoring and Compliance Fee. An hourly monitoring and compliance fee shall be collected to compensate the department for reviews, inspections, and project management activities associated with the approved MPD permit. The fee will be used for determining, ensuring, and enforcing compliance with conditions placed on the MPD or as required to maintain monitoring of specific conditions or compliance with other City code requirements. [Ord. 99-0058 § 1; Ord. 98-0020 § 1 (KCC 27.46.010).]

20.55.020 Preapplication fees.

The city council shall adopt the following fees by resolution:

A. A preapplication fee shall be charged for all professional time spent by department personnel based on an applicant’s request for services, per hour, imposed by the city council by resolution.

B. MPD Fees.

1. MPD permit application, deposit and hourly rate.

2. Monitoring and compliance, per hour. [Ord. 02-0139 § 1; Ord. 99-0058 § 1; Ord. 98-0020 § 1 (KCC 27.46.020).]