Chapter 5.36


5.36.010    Established—Purpose.

5.36.020    Accumulation and use of moneys.

5.36.030    Inclusion of items in budget—Repetition—Surplus moneys.

5.36.040    Repealed.

5.36.050    Management and investment of moneys.

5.36.060    Transfers into fund authorized.

5.36.010 Established—Purpose.

There is hereby established pursuant to RCW 68.52.040, et seq., for the city cemetery a cemetery improvement fund to be known as the city cemetery operating and improvement fund. The fund is established for the uses and purposes set forth in RCW 68.52.040. (Ord. 4270 § 2, 2010: Ord. 959 § 1, 1965)

5.36.020 Accumulation and use of moneys.

The moneys in the fund herein established may be allowed to accumulate from year to year until the city council determines to expend the moneys in the fund for the purpose or purposes hereinabove specified; provided, that any moneys in the fund shall never be expended for any other purpose or purposes than those specified without an approving vote of a two-thirds majority of the members of the city council. (Ord. 2765 § 1, 1983: Ord. 959 § 2, 1965)

5.36.030 Inclusion of items in budget—Repetition—Surplus moneys.

An item for the cemetery improvement fund may be included in the city’s biennial budget or estimate of amounts required to meet public expense for the ensuing biennium, and the item may be repeated each biennium until in the judgment of the city council the amount required for the purposes herein specified shall have been raised or accumulated. Any moneys in the fund at the end of the biennium shall not lapse, nor shall the same be a surplus available or which may be used for any other purpose or purposes than those specified except as in this chapter provided. (Ord. 4566 § 6, 2017: Ord. 959 § 3, 1965)

5.36.040 Proceeds from sale of lots—Deposition in fund.

Repealed by Ord. 4270. (Ord. 959 § 4, 1965)

5.36.050 Management and investment of moneys.

The moneys held in the fund shall be managed and invested by the city treasurer, in the manner prescribed in RCW 68.52.060, 68.52.065, and 68.52.070, and the income derived from the investments shall be deposited in the cemetery operating and improvement fund herein created. (Ord. 4270 § 4, 2010: Ord. 959 § 5, 1965)

5.36.060 Transfers into fund authorized.

The city treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to transfer as of January 2, 1965, to the fund herein created, all investments, including savings accounts, held by him for the cemetery (general) fund, and any other moneys held by him for the city cemetery, in any other funds other than the cemetery (general) fund. (Ord. 959 § 6, 1965)