Chapter 5.44


5.44.010    Established—Government and administration—Benefits.

5.44.020    Manner of making contributions.

*    For the statutory provisions regarding the Firemen’s Pension Fund, see RCW 41.16.050.

5.44.010 Established—Government and administration—Benefits.

There is hereby established for the city a fund to be known as the city firemen’s pension fund. The fund is established by and shall be governed and administered in accordance with the provisions of Chapters 41.16 and 41.18 RCW. The benefits payable to contributing firemen shall be in accordance with the governing state law. (Ord. 2016 § 1, 1968)

5.44.020 Manner of making contributions.

Contributions to the firemen’s pension fund herein established shall be made in the following manner:

(1)    The city’s per capita share of the state tax on fire insurance premiums;

(2)    Contributions by the member fireman in accordance with the requirements and provisions of the governing state statutes;

(3)    Such gifts as may be received by the city for the benefit of the fund;

(4)    In addition to the above the city shall levy each year at the time of the annual tax levy not less than two mills (one of which shall be in addition to the fifteen mills now levied) and the tax proceeds from such levy shall to the extent required by RCW 41.16.060 be paid into the firemen’s pension fund and any excess tax proceeds resulting from the levy shall be available for any other municipal purpose. (Ord. 2016 § 2, 1968)