Chapter 5.52


5.52.010    Established—Depositions—Purpose.

5.52.020    Transfers from insolvent fund.

5.52.030    Use of checks when the payroll fund is solvent.

5.52.010 Established—Depositions—Purpose.

In accordance with RCW 35.21.085 and 35.21.086 which provides for the creation of certain special funds by the legislative authority of any city or town, a fund to be known as the payroll fund is hereby established into which moneys may be placed from time to time as directed by the legislative authority from any funds available and upon which warrants may be drawn and cashed for the purpose of paying any moneys due city employees for salaries and wages. The accounts of the city or town shall be so kept that they shall show the department or departments and amounts to which the payment is properly chargeable. (Ord. 1018 § 1, 1966)

5.52.020 Transfers from insolvent fund.

Transfers from an insolvent fund to the payroll fund shall be by warrant. (Ord. 1018 § 2, 1966)

5.52.030 Use of checks when the payroll fund is solvent.

As authorized by RCW 35A.40.020, payment of payroll obligations of the city, which are payable out of the payroll fund, may be made by check; provided, that in the event the payroll fund is not solvent then a warrant shall be issued in lieu of a check. Checks shall be drawn on a checking account with the bank designated by the city as its bank for general banking purposes as of the date of check issuance. Checks shall be signed by the persons authorized to sign warrants. Wherever in this code reference is made to warrants, the term shall include checks where authorized by this section. (Ord. 3602 § 2, 1997)