Chapter 21.35B


21.35B.010    Automatic linkage to fire department prohibited.

21.35B.015    Violation—Penalty.

21.35B.010 Automatic linkage to fire department prohibited.

The installation or use of any electric, electronic or mechanical alarm device which gives automatic notice to the communications center of the Kirkland fire department on emergency or business telephone numbers is prohibited. Individuals, agencies or companies may use the special telephone line for automatic notification when approved by the director of fire services. This provision specifically includes devices utilizing the public telephone system. (Ord. 3946 § 1 (part), 2004)

21.35B.015 Violation—Penalty.

Violators of Section 21.35B.010 shall be subject to the enforcement provisions of this title. (Ord. 3946 § 1 (part), 2004)