Chapter 31.28


31.28.010    Termination of cable service by subscriber.

31.28.020    Cable operator duties.

31.28.030    Return of equipment.

31.28.040    Disconnection of cable service by operator.

31.28.050    Reconnection of cable service.

31.28.010 Termination of cable service by subscriber.

(a)    A subscriber may terminate or downgrade cable service at any time.

(b)    Except as federal law may otherwise require, there will be no charge for disconnection. Any downgrade charges will conform to applicable law. (Ord. 4207 § 1 (part), 2009)

31.28.020 Cable operator duties.

A cable operator will disconnect or downgrade any cable service for a subscriber who so requests within seven business days. No period of notice before voluntary termination or downgrade of service may be required of subscribers by the cable operator, and the subscriber shall not be required to pay for the time which elapses from notification to actual disconnection. (Ord. 4207 § 1 (part), 2009)

31.28.030 Return of equipment.

(a)    A subscriber may be asked, but not required, to disconnect a cable operator’s equipment and return it to the business office.

(b)    If a cable operator fails to remove its property from a subscriber’s premises within sixty days of the termination of cable service, the property shall be deemed abandoned unless the subscriber is responsible for the cable operator’s failure to remove the property. (Ord. 4207 § 1 (part), 2009)

31.28.040 Disconnection of cable service by operator.

(a)    If a subscriber fails to pay a monthly subscriber fee or other fee or charge, a cable operator may disconnect the subscriber’s cable service. However, the disconnection may not occur until after thirty-five days from the beginning of the period for which the cable service being billed is rendered, plus at least ten days’ advance hardcopy written notice to the subscriber of the intent to disconnect, given after the thirty-five days have elapsed. However, if the subscriber pays all amounts due, including any late charges, before the date scheduled for disconnection, the cable operator may not disconnect cable service.

(b)    A cable operator may immediately disconnect a subscriber if the subscriber is damaging or destroying the cable operator’s cable system or equipment. After disconnection, the cable operator shall restore cable service if the subscriber provides adequate assurance that the subscriber has ceased the practices that led to disconnection and paid all proper fees and charges, including any reconnect fees and amounts owed the cable operator for damage to its cable system or equipment.

(c)    A cable operator may disconnect a subscriber who causes signal leakage in excess of federal limits. Disconnection may be effected either:

(1)    After five days’ hardcopy written notice to the subscriber, if the subscriber fails to take steps to correct the problem; or

(2)    Without notice if signal leakage is detected originating from the subscriber’s premises in excess of federal limits; provided, that the cable operator shall immediately notify the subscriber of the problem and, once the problem is corrected, reconnect the subscriber. (Ord. 4207 § 1 (part), 2009)

31.28.050 Reconnection of cable service.

(a)    A cable operator shall reconnect cable service to a subscriber who wishes to have the subscriber’s cable service restored if the subscriber first satisfies any previously owed obligations.

(b)    The cable operator shall complete such reconnection within forty-eight hours. (Ord. 4207 § 1 (part), 2009)