Policy H-27:

Provide enhanced emergency service (fire and police) to the northern portion of the neighborhood through possible emergency-only access across the Cross Kirkland Corridor at 111th Avenue NE to improve response time.

Fire Station 21, located at the corner of Forbes Creek Drive and 98th Avenue NE, serves the northern region of Highlands. Responders must travel south to 7th Avenue or NE 87th Street to enter the neighborhood and then travel back north. An emergency-only access to Forbes Drive (similar to the emergency-only activated access at NE 100th Street and at 98th Avenue NE) would reduce response times from Station 21 to the northern area of Highlands. An emergency access route to the north would also allow another way for emergency crews to exit the neighborhood to respond to other calls. Emergency response vehicles currently utilize NE 100th Street in this manner. The reduced response times would also affect those calls in the neighborhood for emergency medical response. See the Transportation Element Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan for more information.

Pedestrians and bikes could utilize an emergency route (see Policy H-22). While emergency access is supported by the neighborhood, general vehicular access is not.

Fire Station 21 on 98th Ave. NE and Forbes Creek Drive

Addition or alteration of access to Highlands through this area would cross Forbes Creek. Any work should be coordinated with planned habitat restoration projects detailed in the City’s Surface Water Master Plan.